List of Episodes

Episode 1- Join the Founders


Podcast Founders Sarah Webb and Jenn Anderson dive into a discussion to  kick off the podcast, reviewing the ups and downs in their lives,  careers, parenting, and everything in between. The founders provide  practical tips for the listeners which each of them apply in their daily  life to keep the balance working and sanity intact.  Listen to some  behind the scenes stories of how they have come to their current career  paths- Sarah in airbnb management and mindfulness consulting, and Jenn  in healthcare and nursing.

Episode 2- Kon Mari Simplicity with Catherine Bebb


Catherine Bebb is one of 22 Certified KonMari Consultants in Canada and  the second here in Calgary! Her goal: curating calm and clutter free  spaces. With her nursing background, experience raising 3 children and  multiple pets, and recent downsize move from a large home to a condo,  she will guide you through the KonMari Method™️ and help you discover  the gift of minimalism.
Join our conversation as we discuss what success means for Catherine and  how her journey to live simply has sparked more joy and peace in her  and her families life.

Episode 3- Authentic Marketing with Caitey Gilchrist


Caitey Gilchrist is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and creative for life.

As the founder of a successful brand strategy business, Caitey has  built kick-ass brands for a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs,  including coaches, marketers, financial advisors and more. With clients  raving about her thoughtfulness and breadth of knowledge, Caitey is  passionate about helping businesses and individuals uncover their  authentic brand identities. She is dedicated to connecting human beings  to their purpose, power and people, and empowers entrepreneurs to use  their core message to create freedom in their lives and businesses

Episode 4 - Brent Prenevost


Brent is a legal and policy professional with over three decades of experience. He began his career in private practice, which lead to

senior advisory and leadership positions with the Saskatchewan

Government. In Alberta, Brent worked for Alberta Energy and spent

over a decade as counsel with the Alberta Energy Regulator. As a

director for Alberta non-profit organizations, Brent appreciates how a clear vision, sound

strategy and effective implementation are vital to produce results that contribute to the wellbeing of communities and individuals. Brent’s passion for learning and mentorship led him to executive coaching in 2019. Brent's mission is to inspire his coaching clients to embrace their potential, and through action, live authentic, and meaningful lives.

Episode 5


Episode 6